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An East-West perspective in design, practice, and process.


The nexus of performance design and business strategy.



Puts the UX first and innovates a fresh approach to graphic design and interfaces.


A wide range of design solutions that allows for efficient cost blending and customization.

"Nobuhiro is both a genuine artist and a dedicated professional. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the design details, and stayed patient as I continued to add complexity! I would highly recommend his services."

− Caroline Harrison, The Hive Studios

"Nobu was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at btrax. Nobu is not only a wise and result-driven Designer but also an inspiring colleague..."

− Brandon, CEO of btrax

"Like, WOW. Nobuhiro holds a high bar for design esthetic. He has a gift and intuitive ability to extract the core essence of my personal self & professional offering. Collecting images, words and thoughts – Nobuhiro synthesized it all into organized engaging design that tells a congruent story. He delivered original concepts and imagery to establish my brand and first official site. Much Gratitude!"

− Julianna Gaines, founder of J.G. Recruiting

"Nobuhiro is extraordinary! He listened to my need for both a creative site that reflects my personality and one that helped me develop more business. Always pleasant, he is a delight to work with. I think the world of Nobuhiro!"

− Dana Cappiello, broker at Estero Real Estate

"Nobuhiro impressed me the most in his approach to brand design. I learned a lot from the whole experience and wish to meet and work with more people like him in future."

− Taro Sato, founder of okome_studio

"Nobuhiro is a unique combination of technical savy and stunning creative artistry. We have collaborated on a wide range of projects, and the end result as always been impressive and beyond my expectations."

− Stacie Overby, Yoga Teacher & Psychotherapist

"We have worked on several projects with Nobuhiro Design, and the reason is simple: Nobu has a willingness to explore new ways of using graphic communications across multiple platforms, from digital to print, corporate identity systems to richly illustrated presentation decks. He’s a great addition to any work team — just make sure he has a place to park his bike in your office!"

− Bertrand Pellegrin, founder of b. on brand

"Hiro has been an absolute pleasure to work with - he beautifully bought my vision to life! He is smart and detailed and he took the time to really understand my brief and add his creative flair. I was particularly impressed with his sharp eye for brand and design and his technical process. His patience with me throughout the whole process of building my site has been unwavering, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Above all, he is the nicest and most genuine person – amazing to do business with!"

− Heidi Mortlock
Handpick e-commerce Project

Handpick e-commerce Project

Handpick Meal Kits Photography

Handpick Meal Kits Photography

handpick iOS app 2.0

handpick iOS app 2.0

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