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brand identity & logo design

core value

BizPortal has an original English teaching method called Fast Learning that applies students to get maximum speaking time, corrections and advice for self study that the competitors do not recommend.

brand promise

Students will gain success not only with language but also professionally so they keep coming back and recommend others.

Final Concept

BizPortal is like an entrance where the English learners knock to find out the best way to improve their English skills.

*The door might remind Japanese people of Doraemon’s the most popular item, Dokodemo door, which allows you to go anywhere you wish.


nobuhiro design


nobuhiro design


nobuhiro design
nobuhiro design



nobuhiro design

I looked for a web designer for well over a year. I finally came across Nobuhiro and was so impressed with his design but more importantly, his eagerness to give me what I really wanted. If you are looking for a designer that can give you more than you expected, Nobuhiro will make you extremely satisfied.

− Patrick Lewis

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