THE HIVE STUDIOS Brand Identity / Website Redesign Project


Caroline Harrison


Brand Identity & Logo / Web Design & Development


Brand identity & strategy / UI & UX Design / Web Design / HTML Coding

The Mission

Hive is a boutique video production company with a long list of both corporate and commercial clients. The company needed a brand identity refresh that reflects the brand’s decades-worth of experience as a unique ‘hive’ of creativity and enterprise in media arts. The website continued this experience with a cinema-inspired concept of black limbo space and richly-colored photography and video.

brand identity & logo design


THE HIVE STUDIOS reminds people of truth. It connects people to a more natural balance of old and new, mind and body, indoor and outdoor, dynamic and quiet – a balance that both speaks of the past and draws people forward to the future.

Brand Promise


Creating balanced, artful and insightful films that ‘cut to the chase’ on the truth of the matter (whether educational, campaign-driven, observational documentary or commercial branding).


  • Any content that offers connection and insight to the natural world, human ingenuity, spirituality & human psychology, sustainable solutions on a big scale, and compassion.
  • The skill, the process, the gear knowledge and the art of film-making itself. It is a world full of surprises.

Final Concept

We convinced the client to simplify the brand’s existing logo design and move towards a bolder graphic identity, further enhancing the honey bee image as symbol of the company founder — the “Queen Bee” in a hive of digital media creatives.


nobuhiro design


nobuhiro design




Web Design & Development

We felt it was important that the web experience offer a crisp visual portrait of the brand’s film products, so we implemented full-width dynamic photography into the background of each section, further amplifying Hive’s dynamic approach to multimedia projects.

nobuhiro design
nobuhiro design
nobuhiro design
nobuhiro design
nobuhiro design
nobuhiro design

“Nobuhiro is both a genuine artist and a dedicated professional. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the design details, and stayed patient as I continued to add complexity! I would highly recommend his services.”

− Caroline Harrison

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