O-1B Visa (Updated)

O-1B Visa (Updated)

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So this is the latest version of my article about O-1B visa.

The history of my O-1B visa application process

2012 October O-1B visa application submitted
November RFE notification
2013 January RFE Response
March Application Denied
Claimed the denial
July Claim rejected
October Refiled and submitted (Second time: EAC1400)
Government Shutdown
2014 The US immigration never responded
2015 July Refiled & submitted (Third time: WAC1519xxxxx)
Sep RFE notification
December RFE Response
2016 January Application Denied (Third time: WAC1519xxxxxxx)
Application Approved (Second time: EAC1400xxxxxx)

Finally, it’s approved!!

Two of my visa cases are overlapping at that point and the current one was denied on Jan 20th and previous one, which was submitted in 2013 was suddenly approved.

What was USCIS doing last 2 years on my previous case??

In short, I finally could go back home in Japan. It had been 3 years and half…
And passed an interview at the US embassy in Tokyo. My passport got renewed with O-1 visa.

All’s well that ends well by William Shakespeare

O-1B visa
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